Narcotics Commissioner

Sh. Dinesh Bouddh

Central Bureau of Narcotics, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Exciting News! I am reaching out to all of you and it gives me an immense pleasure to announce the release / launch of our unified portal for Issuance of Import / Export License for members of trade & industry and general public

Unified Portal is designed as an interface between the department and the stakeholders with the purpose of disseminating relevant information and digitization of Import /Export License Issuance process. An IT enabled system is introduced to include rules and policy to achieve transparent public delivery services, transformation of physical process into online system and integration with other applications.

With the introduction of new system, the stakeholders will be able to complete their one time registration with minimum details and will be able to login based on successful Registration. The registered users will login, complete their Profile and after profile approval can apply for various import/export Licenses.

As it will be a continuous process to improve our WebPortal with a vision to make it more user friendly and, I also invite every stakeholder to give their valuable feedback and constructive suggestion. I would like to express my best wishes to my colleagues, stakeholders and members of trade & industry and the general public who would be visiting this WebPortal.

About Unified Portal

Project Conceptualization

The process of Issuance of license, Certificate, NOC for various drug type (Psychotropic Substance, Precursor Chemicals, Narcotic drug) which is currently manual. As part of Ease of Doing Business, this informed the need of new proposed system to digitize the manual process and system to comply or in adherence to latest NDPS Act and rules. The proposed system is a one stop solution for getting an import certificate, export authorization Quota License, Manufacturing License and NOC for various drug type. The proposed Solution provides a wide range of features which will enable to deliver more value to each system stakeholder

What are the Key challenges being faced

At present, the entire process for submitting the application and issuing of Import / Export license is done manually.

Hence below challenges are being faced by stakeholders

  • No mechanism to track the submitted application
  • Increased error rates due to manual submission of applications
  • An applicant has to submit almost same type of documents with every application (i.e., Company profile, PAN details, GST details etc.)
  • An applicant has to submit almost same type of documents with every application (i.e., Company profile, PAN details, GST details etc.)
  • No process transparency
  • Increased application approval/rejection turnaround time

Overview of CBN Unified Portal

Unified Portal is an IT enabled system which shall act as a single point of access to information related to Registered users, Request for various License Application, Processing and Scrutiny of Application, Online Payments, Issuance of certificate using DSC and Post issuance process. The web solution will be integrated with SMS, Email, Payment and other application for exchange of information through APIs.

Existing Process Process in Import Export System
An applicant has to submit almost same type of documents with every application (i.e., Company profile, PAN details, GST details etc.) Now with the implementation of the system, the applicant has to complete the registration and profile details only one time and CBN doesn’t have to validate the same documents with each application.
Applicant has to visit and submit documents manually every time when they have to get import export License Now Applicant can easily apply for License Application through the portal.
Delay in File movement, Application Processing and Approval With IT system approval time will get reduced and the officers will be accountable if there is delay in process
Delay in the manual file movement, if the designated officer is in leave for some days System will have the facility to link officers for faster processing of applications
Offline License fees / Application mode Online Payment Integration for Application fees
Tracking of Application is difficult due to manual process Applicant can view the status of each application in the system
Certificates were to be signed manually by officers Now the certificates can be generated and digitally signed
Returns on actual import and export submitted manually Now System can provide details of actual import and export in returns forms.
Import Export License Module

Import Export Module will allow registered users to apply for category specific Licenses/Permit/Certificate/Other Authorization. The module will manage the entire life cycle of License issuance process right from Application submission -> application scrutiny and approval for issuing License to Applicant and sharing of digital certificate to relevant stakeholders. The module will also manages post issuance process online through the system and various reports can be generated through system.

Major Process or Activities
  • Self-Registration
  • Profile Submission and Approval
  • License for Import and Export Authorization for (Psychotropic Substance and Narcotic Drugs)
  • License for NOC for Export and Import (controlled Substance)
  • Issuance of Manufacturing License for Narcotic Drugs
  • Issuance of Quota Allocation
  • Workflow based Approval/Rejection/Query
  • Digitally signed Certificate Generation and sharing with stakeholders
  • Post Issuance Process
Process Steps
  • Any Applicant who intends to have a license, first have to get registered themselves in the portal
  • After successful registration, profile submission and approval is necessary or mandatory to apply for License Application
  • After profile is approved, user can apply for various drugs in different category for which the approval has been sought during profile creation.
  • License Application Approval is done by Department user. After application is approved, certificate is generated with a validity and issued to Applicant
  • The endorsement is done post import/ export certificate issuance process